I think we all know how beautiful a setting sun can be. I think the symbolism that goes along with it can be every bit as beautiful. In fact, when truly embraced, it can be so life changing that the visual beauty of a setting sun pales in comparison to the symbolism.Follow along for a few minutes and see if you agree.

Before there was electricity – pre-electricity – it was easier to appreciate and understand the significance of a sunset. Most people relied on natural light for their livelihood; sunset simply meant the day is done! Easy concept. I’m sure many managed to carry to bed with them the same anxiety that many of us take with us: All that plowing, all that seeding, all that weeding, when will it rain again? If it doesn’t rain soon all will be lost, how will we make it through the winter? (And it’s only April!)

At least for these pre-electric people, when the sun left the sky, the day was over. They had done all they could do, the rest was up to the powers to be. The faith this must instill.

Today, for us electricity-era folks, the end of the day can become very muddled. Because of this, it is easy to fall into the trap. Trap? Yes, trap! The trap where one day runs into the next and the next into the next and on and on it goes! If we leave the office, there are lights and laptops waiting for us at home.

For the pre-electricity person, nightfall meant the body rested. And although the mind may have been filled with anxiety, the soul provided the faith, which calmed the anxiety.

The sunset is a beautiful thing to observe. Not merely because of the array of colors, or the fact that no two are exactly alike, but because what is represented when the sun sets. The visuals are very soothing for the mind; however, to the soul it is the realization that the day has officially ended. Wow! What a restful and peaceful thought. The day is done: let me be done with the toils of today. For tomorrow, very early, the sun will arise in the opposing sky and with it, opportunity and adventure. Unless, of course, we didn’t allow our sun to set; therefore, a new day has not arisen, but you are still living yesterday, and yesterday’s yesterday, and on and on it goes!

Our creator gave us a day and a night. I don’t think this was an accident.

We hope you enjoy a sunset each and every day. No matter your work schedule, no matter what conveniences electricity affords you, no matter where you are, allow your soul to enjoy a sunset each and every day. And, to make it extra special, share that sunset with another soul! Then with excitement embrace the opportunities that arise with the rising sun in the morning.


PS To emphasize the importance of the setting sun, I am borrowing the format from our book Don’t Be A Cow. A soulful quote, a song, and a game exercise.

“Don’t let the sunset on your anger” Ephesians 5:21

I don’t think Saint Paul would object if we added ‘and anxiety’ to the ending.

Song: From the movie Frozen “Let it Go”

Game Exercise: Find a picture of a sunset. One you really enjoy or some sort of statue if you like. Slap it as you walk out of the office door every day. You could also place it just inside your door at home or possibly across from your bed so you see it before you go to sleep. Whatever works good for you and hopefully your spouse as well, so that you can make sure that each and every day, actually ends. Thus, the excitement of the opportunities that await with the rising sun in the morning.


As what seems like the entire country mobilizes to catch a glimpse of such an event as the solar eclipse, I find that I just can’t let such an opportunity go to waste.

When we are plodding along through life, following the herd, our paths become blocked just as the suns path is being blocked by the moon. The big difference is that this solar eclipse last only a short time. When our paths get blocked it can last many years denying you the life that you were meant to lead.

Don’t be a Cow! Get out of line so you can find your path and Happier Living!

Start today by taking a few moments to see what might be blocking your path and then join us!




Don’t Be A Cow!

Happy Employees are More Productive

An article from Fast Company, originally published in 2015 and still relevant today.

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