Scottish Grandma reads “Wonky Donkey” and it is hysterical

Talk about happy! We guarantee this will bring a smile to your face. And it’s practically impossible not to join in the laughter. Watch and see.

From the Toronto Star:
Thanks to a viral video of Janice Clark reading Craig Smith’s The Wonky Donkey to her baby grandson, and her breathless amusement over lines such as “He was a honky-tonky winky wonky donkey,” the 2009 picture book about a three-legged, one-eyed donkey has started flying off the shelves again, suddenly becoming No. 1 on the Juvenile list and the No. 2 overall bestselling print book in Canada, according to BookNet Canada. In the U. S., it sold more than 100,000 copies alone this fall, much of that in the past week, according to NPD BookScan.

Giving thanks.

My wish this Thanksgiving is for each of us to take the time to be thankful, giving thanks to what we have, our families, friends and colleagues. This is a very crucial part of living a lifestyle of happiness.

In today’s society, with 24/7 contact with friends, family (and people we actually don’t even know) it’s easy to lose sight of all the things we have to be thankful for. In days past, when there wasn’t television, radio, and cars, you would seldom see the blessing of others. On the other hand, today with television and social media it is impossible not to see all the things we may feel we are missing out on.

A close up of a glass of water filled half wayHalf Full. Half Empty. Or is it simpler than that?

“Seeing the glass half empty”

Is what we often call pessimism. Yet this is the same attitude when we desire the good fortunes that others seem to have while ignoring our own blessings. Understand that often we may not necessarily want exactly what other have, but it can leave us with the feeling of wanting more than we have. Having a glass half empty!

“Seeing the glass half full”

Is the saying of the optimist: however, is the attitude of being thankful for the half of glass of water that you do have ? (What? Finish the thought … and I added this: We all face obstacles. However, how we handle those obstacles can make all the difference in the world. After all, maybe it’s simply a half a glass of water. And be thankful for that!

Here’s the thing:

Remember in life, one of the very few things you can actually change is your attitude.

My holiday wish is that we all devote just a few seconds every day to be thankful. And, to see your glass half full. In doing so, who knows maybe in just a short while your glass will fill to the tippy, tippy, top.


“Thanksgiving Song,” by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Game Exercise/Life Changer:

Starting on Thanksgiving Day spend just a few seconds to write down one thing – and only one per day – that you are thankful for. Do this through the end of the year. A 41-day list. (Yes, just until the end of this year!) You can do this. And please feel free to share. To start the ball rolling: I’m thankful to all of you who read this blog especially those of you who send me comments.

Soulful Quote:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” Oprah Winfrey



Time Changes. Have You?

This time of year, there are all kinds of changes going on

Leaves are turning color, trees are becoming naked, the ground is becoming soggier, the air is getting cooler and yes the dreaded/celebrated time change (at least still for most of us). And the holidays are quickly approaching.

With all of this change, it may be a good time to examine the change in your life. Oh, you say it’s not a good time to change? I get it. “Too much going on,” or “things are really going great,” so the last thing you want right now is change. However, the only problem is that change is always taking place.

Embrace it.

The problem with change is that we only want to recognize abrupt change or change that we’ve been ignoring until one day we see a picture of ourselves or we take time to reflect on days gone by. However, embracing the daily change in our lives can be one of the most rewarding things we can do.

Most importantly, every day we have what I like to call “life experiences.” In other words, everyday things happen. You may meet or encounter new people, co-workers, a friend tells of events in their life, you see new things, or maybe old things that you just now notice. In addition, all of these encounters shape who it is we are and they occur daily. Most of the time without you ever noticing or recognizing it these daily occurrences change:

  • your thought processes
  • your opinions
  • your mannerisms
  • the way you dress
  • possibly what you eat, where you go. So, you get the idea.

All without you consciously noticing.

Don’t analyze. Realize.

Quote of Andy Warhol They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Now, I’m not proposing that you start analyzing everything that occurs in your life and how it may change you; however, I am proposing that you recognize that it is occurring, and here’s why that’s important.

Most change in our lives occurs very subtly and without us even recognizing it. Because, when we start recognizing it, we can start changing little by little by little things that we may want to change, or may not want to change. Either way, this my friends is called “taking control of your life.”  Day, by day, by day. You will be amazed at small changes that will provide you with big results. As a result, you will begin to wake up every day with renewed energy seeking every opportunity that arises that day to enact daily positive change in your life in a direction you control.

In a nutshell (they are dropping this time of the year too 🙂 you can shape your own direction to where you want to go. You don’t have to drift in the directions others may be leading you to go. And, that can be a real challenge in our current age of social media!

You can achieve it.

Life Long Happiness! Live It! Don’t Be A Cow!

Soulful Quote: “The only thing that stays the same Is, everything changes, everything changes.” – Bobby Braddock, American country songwriter, author and record producer

Close up of Singer Tracy LawrenceSong: “Time Marches On” by Tracy Lawrence

Game Exercise/Life Changer – Before you drift off to sleep tonight, take a few moments to reflect upon the day that you just experienced.

Is there something you can change?

Share with me your thoughts.

Are You Happy? Make it your Latest Fashion

Consider this: Fashion. Yes I said fashion – I mean, it is fall and fashion is society’s way of influencing our outer covering.

If we are not careful, society will also attempt to influence our inner being – our soul.

As this happens, we stop being who we are, and we become some version of what society wants, or thinks it wants, us to be. When we allow this to occur, lifelong happiness will always elude us. Sure, we will have our moments, but that is all we will have – moments as opposed to a lifelong stream of happiness.

Now I know what you may be thinking …

I’ve been there too: “I would never allow this to happen to me. I am who I am.” But, be careful. It is a slow and inconspicuous process. I like to call it “Cowism.”

So, what exactly is “cowism?” This is where we leave our path and blindly follow the lead/influence of others. Don’t be too alarmed, because to some extent, I think we are all guilty of it at times in our lives. We all have those times in our lives where we simply act on the recommendation or swaying of others, for instance. (“Practicing Cowism”). The key is to make sure that you always return to your own path. For this is where true happiness lies. In short …

Don’t Be A Cow! Be You, and Be Happy!

How? Follow us here at Don’t Be A Cow!

Soulful Quote: Be still my soul, for society shall not weave your fabric as it weaves the covering of the flesh. George Barker

Song: “YMCA,” The Village People. Simply because of the costumes, and it is a “Happy” song.

Game Exercise/Life Changer – Ask, and then answer the following question: Who Am I?