Just some of the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve gotten on our book. We really appreciate it! 

Well written with great inspirational, encouraging words.

The illustrations were so right on with words. This book is so George and Rachel.
– Amazon customer

Good for a teen or young adult looking to find oneself.

The interactive daily game exercises really will make you think. Plus, though probably not the music I would create for my own list (I’m more of a musical theatre guy), it’s pretty easy to call up the songs online and take a listen. I started to read it day by day then found myself jumping around to other parts of the book and other day exercises. I think most people have pretty much experienced many of these – and the format was easy-to-read. Definitely something to consider giving to that petulant teen or young adult who is “finding him or her self.” (And some adults … 🙂 The website also has some good daily blog posts.
– Stevie d g

The book is very inspirational …

and it has helped me to remember some of the things that I really have taken for granted. Illustrations are great and the daily exercises are fun. I ended up buying 10 copies for some of my co-workers and they all said they really have enjoyed reading it. Several have even passed it on to their teenage children! A very good read!
– Katie

This book is thought provoking, self-reflective, and inspiring …

as it enables you to think about your own outlook on life as well as how to see the world in a different way. — And it’s an easy read!
– Treegirl

Enjoyable reading that makes me feel good!

I love your book, you guys did a great job! I love the lay out and how your message is presented. The book is very inspirational and uplifting. Well done!
– Amazon customer

This book is enjoyable, whimsical and inspiring.

I loved going through the game exercises and really felt like I was moving myself into a more light-hearted and carefree person. I know that I’ll return to it over and over for more inspiration and self-reflection.
– Marilyn

I really enjoyed the interactivity of this book …

through the use of game exercises. It causes you to pause and to think about what’s important to you. It’s fun and light-hearted and the kind of book that you can return to again and again for personal inspiration and reference.
– Amazon customer