Valentine’s Day and Un-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day considered by a lot of people as a day made up by the greeting card, florist and chocolate industries. I am not sure of the origins of this “holiday,” and why it comes in February. Maybe it is because February tends to be somewhat of a gray and gloomy month and the bright red that is associated with Valentine’s Day brings a little cheer.

Think of how beautiful a red cardinal is on a gloomy winter’s day. Even beyond the brightness of Valentines, think about the acts of Valentine’s Day. Do you remember the days before we may have had only one sweetheart in our lives? When we went around to all the kids in our class handing out fun little note cards and sometimes a small candy was attached? Think about the excitement, joy and happiness you felt not only giving them to others, but receiving them as well. Too bad this tradition ends as we get older and too bad it is limited to just one day a year.

It doesn’t’ have to be that way … it can be every day of the year! One day for Valentine’s Day and 364 for Un-Valentine’s Day. The great thing is that when we go out of our way to say something nice to someone, or perform small acts of kindness to others to make them happier, we also in turn make ourselves happy.

Think of the power you can possess when you can change someone’s mood. Superman will have nothing on you!

What are some small acts of kindness you have done for others or others have done for you? What are some instances you have changed your day and someone else’s day by just saying something nice? Share them with us by commenting. We can all learn from each other!

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