Keys to Happiness – Lessons from a Giraffe

The whole world, or at least it seems, has been captivated awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe. It is so nice to see such anticipation, such thrill and excitement created over such a simple act of nature. This is but one example of the beauty of nature. It’s the mystery, the unknown, always seeming to leave the “experts” with no answers. When it comes to delivering surprises, no one does it better than nature. Of course, surprises are just one of the many gifts given by nature; there is the beauty, the awesomeness, the quiet, the powerful, the serene, the peacefulness and so much more.

The poor ole momma giraffe has also provided smiles and laughter to many as families and women reminisce about their own pregnancy experiences. Most notably the part about 9 months seeming like an eternity such as April the giraffe is feeling now.

This whole process also demonstrates the positive side of social media and the modern-day culture that technology has provided. So often, we hear about the negative, which when abused, can truly provide negative results; however, to think that the entire world can share together an event such as a giraffe giving birth. It is as miraculous as the birth process itself.

Just think all this happiness from a simple scene in a zoo. Maybe we should keep our attention focused on the happenings in the zoo instead of the happenings in Washington D.C. – a zoo of a different sort!

While spring is well on its way, we hope you take the opportunity to go partake in nature. Discover the gifts it provides in abundance. It will make you smile and who knows maybe even laugh. Both of which are very therapeutic.

Keys to Happiness: When we allow ourselves to focus on the positives that life offers instead of all the negative dribble! Discover other keys to happiness in our book “Don’t Be a Cow” at

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