Have you ever noticed how quickly ants (Pronounced, aints, in the South) are able to relocate? You run them over with the lawn mower, or even spray poison on them and the next day, three feet away, is a new mound that is bigger than the first. (That image is an anthill in Africa, by the way).

Of course, it stands to reason that they are able to move so fast because they have nothing to move but themselves. Just imagine moving to a new house and taking nothing with you. When you move in, all the furniture is there and in place, your closets have all new clothes, in your size of course, the cabinets in the kitchen have all new pots and pans, and most importantly, the fridge is fully stocked!

It is sort of a nice thought, isn’t it? Sure there would be those things that you would miss: Those worn out sweat pants that are oh so comfy or that knife that’s impossible to sharpen but you continue to use because it fits your hand so well. But in time, these things will be forgotten and you will develop new favorites.

If the thought of moving is too much to grasp, how about a vacation where you didn’t have to pack? Get in the car and all your snacks and entertainment are all in place. When you arrive at your destination, all your clothes and stuff are already there. In essence, you travel with no baggage.

For years scientist have studied ants trying to figure out how they can carry things that are many times more than their own weight. Maybe the better lesson we can learn from ants is how they can move from place to place without any baggage. Think of how much more energy you would have, and how much more productive you could be today if you could simply move from day to day without carrying the baggage from the day before. So many things in life that we really think are important – aren’t.

Note: These are lessons from an ant not a cow, Don’t Be A Cow!


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