The Key to a Great Holiday Season, the 4 Pillars. Here they are.

Festive or Fearful?

This time of year is considered a joyous time of year. Christmas. Chanukah. Kwanzaa. Solstice (Winter Holidays around the world). It’s a festive time with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of year filled with stress, anguish, and pain. So, whether this is a time you find festive or you fear it, it is definitely a time of year filled with emotion. So, what better time to practice conquering those emotions than the “most wonderful time of the year.”

The Four Pillars

When my emotions start to get the best of me, I like to rely on what I call my 4 pillars. These four pillars are Peace, Joy, Love, & Hope, which by the way, are also the four weeks/candles of Advent. If you think about it, these 4 pillars are great guiding principles to carry with us year-round.

  • Peace. I often think of peace as in war and worldly peace, but what about peace in our own hearts? Do we hold grudges, or are we envious of what we do not possess?
  • Joy. Living with joy is living the happiness lifestyle that we often refer to. I like to call joy the fruit of living happy.
  • Love. The center piece of our existence.
  • Hope. A word, I think, we all rely on from time-to-time in our lives. Hope carries us through times in which Peace, Joy, and Love seem to escape us.

Rachel and I hope that you make this Christmas season the best you have ever had. For it is, the only one you have! This is an especially good time of the year to practice the “Don’t Be A Cow!” lifestyle.

Soulful Quote: Tis only a moment in time that I am present in this world, may it be filled with Peace, Joy, Love and Hope, and more Peace, Joy, and Love than Hope!

Song: “Carol of the Bells,” performed by Mannheim Steamroller is my favorite version but there are many. And, if you haven’t heard this one before, take a listen. It is unique, bright and definitely “uncow!”


Game Exercise/Life Changer: Say Peace, Joy, Love and Hope 3 times everyday from now through Christmas Day.

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