Are you following the easiest path?

If the answer to this question is no, the obvious reply is, why not?

Many people believe in the ole saying, “sometimes the right path isn’t the easiest one.” Maybe you fall into that category. If you do, let me expand on my previous question a little bit. If you believe you are on the right path, and that path is not easy, why in the world would you choose a path that is not easy? Unless you are some sort of masochist.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against work, even when is causes a few blisters or sore muscles, but when you are on the right path – your path – this shouldn’t be considered hard. So, if you feel as though the path you are on is not easy, instead of taking a deep breath and telling yourself to “suck it up” or “tuff’n up,” stop and ask yourself maybe my path isn’t easy because it’s not actually my true path.

Let me explain by dovetailing with last week’s blog. “Life just happens.”

Quote "don't follow the well worn path to regret. Follow your Dreams" with a hot air balloon on a lake. As life occurs, we often get derailed from our true path. Here’s how that often plays out: You’re cruising along through your daily routines, then BAM! life happens. A pathway obstacle has plopped right in the middle of your path. This results in a big change in your life, but you, determined to control all things, are bound not to let it change you.

You see, as life happens it’s so easy to lose our path and start following a totally different path. And it’s all because we are going to “suck it up” and forge onward, instead of making a small adjustment to avoid an obstacle. This causes us to lose our true path and end up on another path altogether. In most cases, our paths are not straight but curve and weave around life’s obstacles (life just happens). I like to refer to this constant path derailment as “life creep.”

Okay, so how do we avoid falling victim to “life creep”?

First, always remind yourself of your path, your true path, and where it leads.

Second, to steal a title from a song the Beatles made famous, “Let It Be!” Stop trying to control every aspect of life because, as we discussed last week, so much of life just happens; Far beyond our control. It’s when we become so fixated on an agenda that our paths get crossed and we end up on the wrong one.

On the other hand, when we stop trying to control all things and learn to “roll with the punches,” we are much better able to weave our paths around the obstacles that life throws at us. Thus, our paths become easy to navigate and lead us to exactly where we are headed. Remember, let it be! When you do your path will be easy and happy!

Don’t Be A Cow. Be Happy!

Soulful Quote:

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.” Writers John Lennon/Paul McCartney


“Let It Be” by the Beatles

Game Exercise/Life Changer – Look back on your life, what have you tried to control that was just something that was not controllable at least not by you. A child, a Co-worker, a friend, or maybe it was a situation beyond your control. This can really be a test of self honesty which can sometimes be challenging to say the least but in the end it will help put you on your path. And that path is easy and happy.

Beatles, Easy path, Let it be

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