DON’T BE A COW! gets you out of your rut and onto the road to happiness in 31 days

Discovering a path to happiness can be yours with Don't Be a Cow! An interactive guide

Join the folks who don’t follow the herd.

… The ability to overcome a herd mentality with humor and love is priceless …

– Sherri McLendon, educator

Inspirational, with humor and perspective.

– Candice Wayman, anti-cow person

Fun, light-hearted approach to personal growth and introspection.

– Dorothy McDaniel, avid reader

…enjoyable, whimsical and inspiring …

– Marilyn Ball, business executive/collaborator

…Happiness is a choice …

– Up & Motivated, Columbus, AL

Read  “What Folks are Saying! and you’ll soon be on your way to a personal path to happiness!