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Two resolutions that will bring about real, positive change

It’s been a week. How ya doin’?

What I find so comical about New Year’s resolutions is that we spend as much time discussing how long it will be before they are broken as we do the resolutions themselves. It’s almost as if we are setting ourselves up for failure right from the very start.

Now I realize that many of these resolutions are made in fun and probably after too much New Year’s Eve cheer, but let me offer an alternative that may actually bring more happiness and success to your 2020.

My two Resolution Solution

  • Focus on the positive in you and not the negative

  • Make your resolution for a day, not for a year or some arbitrary goal

Too often my resolutions have focused on negative attributes and/or behaviors and not the positive. And, I’m not alone. The list below was from a Google search and the list was from a Time magazine in 2012.

  1. Lose weight & get fit
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Learn Something new
  4. Eat healthier & diet
  5. Get out of debt and save money
  6. Spend more time with family
  7. Travel to new places
  8. Be less stressed
  9. Volunteer
  10. Drink Less

And from what I saw this year, nothing much has changed.

This list, or whatever yours may be, are constant reminders of things we are not good at, things we want to improve. I’m all for self-improvement but from a slightly different angle.

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Why not create a list, and the list may consist of only one thing that you really enjoy doing, something that you do well. Your goal is to develop a plan on how to become better at it.

Develop a plan on how to make it the center of your life. I know there are nay-sayers out there that will come up with all kinds of excuses why that won’t work, but keep in mind the list above is created out of excuses for not doing them in the first place.

Think about it. First, your new list is going to be way shorter 🙂

But, in a way, the list is endless because it could start with new degrees, new careers, new hobbies, new friends, new [fill in the blank].  But, you simply start by believing in yourself. And choose that one thing that’s best fits you!

“Been there. Done that”

In order to help ourselves become more confident, which ultimately leads to believing in ourselves, we need to do the things we are good at. We can discover the things we are good at by starting with the things we enjoy doing. The problem with the run-of-the-mill, “been there/done that” resolutions like the ones listed above is they are simply reminders of our short comings. Who needs that in their life! When we dwell too much on our short-comings, we have a tough time building our self-esteem.

The journey begins with a single step

The second resolution: We are all familiar with the phrase “live life day by day,” but have you ever really tried? (Before I go further, we can take anything to extremes so please believe me when say that I do understand the importance of longer than a day planning and goal setting, but bare with me.)

The importance of daily resolutions stems from the fact that life changes every day. Every day we learn new things, we experience new things, and unexpected things happen. For example, if your resolution is to save more money and on January 3rd you get notified a distant aunt passed leaving you a large sum of money, all of a sudden, saving money may not seem such a big deal. However, making it last for 5, 10, even 30 years will require a plan that will change over time.

Or, you have the resolution to lose weight and you start out well, then you receive some tragic news, and all of a sudden losing that extra 15 pounds isn’t such a big deal anyway. But, perhaps it also is the realization that, life can’t be taken for granted and it’s time to really make getting in shape a goal. That’s when it hits you. Baby steps, one at a time, can lead to big changes. (Granted these are extremes but sometimes I find that when we look at extremes, it shines a little light on the seemingly little, non-assuming things that can have a huge impact over the long term.)

As we start another year, I hope you will look towards your positive attributes and take the time to hone those attributes even more. I also hope you will practice the great theory of living day to day. Trust me. Though it may seem challenging at the outset, but if your goal is to do it “in a year” you have 366 days to practice getting there (well, 355 now … time flies)

Making today the goal:
Put a small note pad next to your bed. When you wake in the morning write a list, and it may be only one thing, that you would like to do that day (and you can wait until you’ve had your morning coffee). Before going to bed, look at your list and see how you did. On the next day make a new list and feel free to repeat things from the list from the day before. Remember to focus your list primarily on things you are good at, and by all means, enjoy.

… Merry Christmas!

Do You Ever Feel Like This Poor Little Pine Tree?

We have a nice little walking trail around our yard. Part of this trail goes between a few rows of pine trees that we planted many, many years ago. After our original planting, we came back years later and filled in some holes with more pines. Because the original trees had a head start, the younger trees have grown slowly as they compete for sunlight and nutrients. Although they have been slow growing they have maintained a good level of vigor and health. That is until recently.

A few weeks ago, one of our younger trees finally drooped over. It was as if the little guy finally said “I’m tired, I’m done, I can no longer fight the good fight.” This morning as I was taking my walk, and let me add that I have been feverishly fighting a sinus infection, I looked at our little bent-over friend and said “I know exactly how you feel little buddy!”

Fighting the Good Fight

I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time telling myself “I’m sick!” I would much rather say “I’m not feeling well.” I think this is because if I tell myself I’m sick, I feel as though I should be at home in bed – or on the couch anyway. If, on the other hand, I’m just “not feeling well,” I can continue to forge ahead
with my life, and when I say forge ahead, I mean at full speed. Why should I cut myself any slack for not accomplishing that lofty list of goals for the week? After all, it’s just a little sniffle. Suck it up, Buttercup! And so it goes and I continue to plod onward.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

And, that got me to thinking: it seems kinda silly that I never want to cut myself any slack when I’m not feeling well. I mean, must I always be so abusive to myself? Then, I had another thought as I sat on the couch that afternoon. What about all the times that I’m not sick. When my body is perfectly healthy (if there is such a thing after 40!); why am I still this hard on myself?  Do I tell myself at times that I don’t measure up? Do I get on to myself when I can’t figure something out? Am I sometimes just not smart enough in my own eyes? I need to do a better job on my diet, I need to exercise more, I need to, need to, need to … And with each passing thought, I slowly begin to look like that sagging pine tree.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

Here’s the difference between that pine tree and your beaten-up self. The pine tree looks like that because it’s being crowded out by other trees around it. But, when you beat yourself up, it’s from self inflicted wounds. It seems kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Take a look at these quotes: 

    • “The shortest shot on the golf course is 6 inches, the six inches between your ears.”
    • “If we don’t beat ourselves, I like our chances of winning the game.”
    • “We are our own worst enemy.”
    • “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson (Unlike our little tree that gets crowded out from what “lies” around it, it’s what lies inside of us).
    • Just recently making the list, while waiting in a doctor’s office, from the cover of Golf Digest “I had to stop saying I suck” Max Homa, Professional golfer, and the list could go on forever. I realized that I’m not alone.

I realize from a lifetime of living and raising children, there’s a big world out there. That world can often seem as if it’s trying to crowd you out, trying to grab all the light and nutrients. You have to accept that challenge.

Get Out of the Way

The one thing I have come to realize is that you can overcome any challenge if you just get out of your own way. Yes, that world out there is going to keep coming after you, so you just need to have yourself on your side. When you can accomplish that, you can accomplish anything.

As this year winds down, and a new year is looming, I hope you can reflect on when you may be being hard on yourself and to stop and get you on your side. This will always present a challenge, but through perseverance you can win this battle and live a much happier life as a result. And not get too bent out of shape over little things like when you spill a cup of hot coffee in your lap because you were trying to carry too many things at once. You know, for example 🙂

Game Exercise: Start catching yourself doing something right. There is a great little leadership develop book entitled: The One Minute Manager by Ken Blachard and Spenser Johnson. It is a great read and I encourage you to read it. The basic premise is that so often we go through life pointing out mistakes and faults as opposed to recognizing achievement and talents. I have started the habit of catching myself doing things right and praising myself instead of punishing myself. Yes, it can be challenging and I’m sure it will be an never-ending endeavor but one that I have already witnessed the rewards. Try it yourself. And live a happier life.


Our book Don’t Be a Cow! will be on sale through the holidays for just $9.99. 


Is It Really Thanksgiving Already?

Yes, that’s right … Thanksgiving is here. It seems that this year I’ve heard more than the normal amount of people shocked that it is already upon us, and this year, it is actually late. I can’t help but to think how Thanksgiving has changed here in the 21st century. If for no other reason, I can point to how Black Friday now begins on Thursday (yet we still call it Black Friday- I digress). No, I’m not going to go on about commercialism, there are enough others who focus on that. Instead I thought I would share my Thanksgiving perception.

More than just a day.

To me Thanksgiving has always been, at least in my adult years, been more than just a day. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the end. The end of the year that is. As we all know, before the turkey is fully digested, the Christmas rush begins. I’m not even going to talk about all the Christmas that is being pushed on us before Thanksgiving. In the business world, it has always seemed to me that half the people basically shut down after Thanksgiving and the other half are going full blast squeezing out whatever else might be left in the year. I have found myself on both sides of that scenario. And, it can lead to major frustration, and then when we throw in all of the shopping, traffic, cooking, and partying, it can lead to a major melt down.

I think that this is the reason why people approach Thanksgiving like: “Is it Really Thanksgiving Already?”? It’s because they realize that the craziness for the next five to six weeks begins with Thanksgiving. While we are finishing the last of the apple pie on Thanksgiving afternoon, we are tightening our track shoes.

Change your perception, change your attitude.

Because our perceptions are our realities, this year, I’m changing my perception. This year instead of saying, “Is it Thanksgiving already? I’m saying hallelujah! Thanksgiving has finally arrived,” and I am going to embrace and find joy in all of the mayhem that ensues!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than 24 hours away, it just doesn’t seem to want to come this year! (See what I did there? ) And…and although mayhem may ensue, I am going and to enjoy the remainder of what’s left to of 2019, and remember to be thankful for all that I have been given!

I hope you will join me and change your perceptions to a happier scenario as well!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Game Exercise:

Every morning starting on Thanksgiving Day – if you don’t already – as soon as you wake up remind yourself of something you are thankful for. Write it down, this will help. you do it. If you forget first thing then make sure you do sometime during the day, but try to do it first thing. Then do it last thing at night.

Share a Smile Today. Have We Become an ‘Unfriendly’ Society?

Share A Smile Today! Has Society Become Less Friendly?

And have you ever witnessed the Power of a Smile and a Friendly Gesture?

Today, people spend so much time connected to their electronic devices that they rarely see the world around them. Not only do we have laws forbidding people to use their phones while driving, in many metropolitan areas there are signs on the sidewalks telling pedestrians to put their phones away and pay attention. Has this led to a society that walks through life with its head down? Have we become scared to make eye contact with other humans without feeling awkward? But most importantly, are you a willing participant?

There is a fun alternative.

Back in August, Rachel and I took a trip to the Olympic Peninsula. For the geographically challenged, it is in the northwest corner of the State of Washington. Both of us being tree/nature people, not to mentioned the 60-70 degrees temperatures in August, it was a wonder we ever returned. Of course, while we were there, we took numerous hikes. Not the strenuous kind with backpacks and all the other hiking gear, our hikes were more like a leisurely stroll through the forest. One morning we went for one such stroll after breakfast. Our destination, a nice 90-foot waterfall.

As we walked, we would pass other people out enjoying the day as well. When we passed people, we would say “Good morning!” or some other pleasantry like “it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?” It really was a gorgeous morning. We were amazed at the responses, which were often nothing. Seriously.

We became so intrigued that it didn’t take long before it became a game.

How would someone respond to a simple “Good morning” or “Hello”? Now, in all fairness, there were some who were from other countries who probably had no idea what we were saying, so they get a pass.

Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

Most people seemed in shock when we spoke to them. I told Rachel it’s almost as if they don’t know how to respond to direct dialect. Cynically, (of course), I thought, “gee, if only I had an app. An app that would automatically detect a nearby phone and then would auto-send a pre-set message.” You know, like the ones you can send when you are driving. You could set this app so that when you were passing someone with a phone it would buzz their phone and say “Good Morning, it’s a beautiful morning isn’t it?” since they had trouble with human contact. The app would then offer them a few reply options.

Now, back to our walk and the really cool part.

The people who did respond with a returned “Good Morning or Hello” replied, without fail, with a smile on their face. Now I realize to the non-observant this might go totally unnoticed, but it obviously didn’t go unnoticed with us. The other thing that we noticed on these walks was that most, and when I say most I’m talking 99% of the people we passed, would look at the ground as we approached them. When we looked far ahead on the path their heads were up taking in all the splendor and wonder of nature. It was as though they didn’t want to make eye contact. Why, why would people not want to make eye contact with others?

Now believe me, as a person who classifies himself a true introvert, I do understand the answer to that question, but I also believe there are not as many introverts in the world as extroverts. Then I wondered, is this the way it’s always been or is this a byproduct of the digital/electronic revolution?

Well, all that is good for speculation, but the take away from all this is the people who responded did so smiling. Stop and think about this for a minute.

You pass a hundred people and you say “good morning.”

I bet, 60% ignore you and continue to walk. Another 40% lift their heads, smile and say “good morning” in return. To a statistician, the odds would say, “shut up, mind your own business and keep walking.” But, just think of the 40%; to some, that “good morning” and smile might make the difference in their day. And what about the 60%? Just because they didn’t respond doesn’t mean you haven’t impacted them in a positive way as well.

So, what does all this mean?

“Small acts of kindness.” There isn’t a much smaller act than sharing a smile and a simple greeting. The thing that makes it such a powerful and fun act, is the fact that it gives back. It gives back because it makes you feel good. Just think of the power that you can pose over others; whenever you can put a smile on their face and possibly change their mood and their day. This small act will help you live a Happier Life – and it’s given to you – by you – giving to someone else.

Amazing & Fun!

Game Exercise:

The next time you are in a public space greet strangers with a smile and a simple greeting. If you can’t seem to muster the greeting at least smile and make eye contact. Remember that the success rate may only be 40% – heck, it may be even less, but don’t get discouraged. Often, the real differences we make in the lives of others go totally unnoticed. But, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Live Happier! Live Well!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Share your own SMILE experience. Just leave a reply below.


Here’s an “oldie, but goodie” when we first published the book (and the early cover). This should make you smile!


Are You Willing to Change?

I love how change occurs in my life. So slightly, so incrementally – at least most of the time – that I don’t even realize it and yet part of me always expects change to happen overnight.

“This scale can’t possibly be right. The diet’s going on three days now and I still haven’t lost 10 pounds.”

And how often do we find ourselves in the “don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up” mode? If I had only realized years ago that everything changes me or at least it should.

That’s one of the interesting things about looking at old photographs. They are total reminders that change does, in fact, occur. It’s sort of miraculous how things change so slightly every day, then BAM! you look at a 10-year-old photograph and say “WOW! How and when did that happen? Where did all that hair go?”

Here’s a photo of a tree on our property the year we moved in. It was taken from the front porch of our office, which sits next to our house. Keep in mind, this is a live oak and they are considered to be slow-growing trees.

A bushy tree

Change – Change to a Happier You!

I think we often deny ourselves the benefits of recognizing the changes that occur in us on a daily basis. When you start recognizing daily that you are not the same person you were yesterday, you’ll feel you have more control over the changes in your life. At least, it works for me. I’ve realized I only have to make small, tiny changes, a little at a time, and that’s totally doable. It is the cumulative effect of these daily changes that can lead to huge improvements in your life.

It’s a Work-in-Progress

Often times, I would have in my mind a vision of the finished product and not the “work in progress” image. That finished product could be so far down the road – a road that could be bumpy and winding – that I’d become discouraged and I’d stop trying. Then I would remember, as I was growing up, my dad saying “lasting change is evolutionary and not revolutionary.”

When you start embracing the change that is naturally occurring in your life on a daily basis, you can then begin to manage it, lest I say actually control it – well at least in part. There will always be things in our lives beyond our control.

I can’t emphasize enough how happier and more fulfilling my life became once I realized that I can have more control over the change in my life, and to let go the things I cannot control.

Three key things to remember:

  • Spend some time with yourself and know how you want to change (Direct your change)
  • Be cognizant of opportunities in your daily living where you can do a something small that will move you to that change; if you miss it recognize that, too. This applies to diet, exercise, financial security, a new career … all of the above!
  • Always keep in your conscious mind that change happens every second of our lives and this change is inevitable; change the way you want to and not how others influence you.

Game Exercise/Life Changer:

Look back at some old photographs, take one or several with you today so you can look at them throughout the day. Make a mental note of the change that has occurred. Then give yourself one little thing to change for only today. *An exercise guaranteed to help you live a happier life!!

Embracing and directing the changes in your life will help you live the Happiness Lifestyle!

While I’m on the subject of change, Rachel and I are excited to announce our new blog!

In the coming weeks, we will be moving this blog from to

As our focus has always been to share insights on happiness we find inspiring, motivating and empowering, we thought it would be great to create a new website devoted entirely to happiness. We also have a podcast in development … and are working on some new videos to share. Plus, we’ll be offering more ways for you to find your own path and not follow the herd. Exciting times. We’ll keep you posted.

Help us spread the word!

And now this:

‘That’s me’ – simple, kind act viewed by thousands

‘That’s me’: Metro sanitation worker shocked to see his simple, kind act viewed by thousands

We talk about “Small acts of kindness” often in Don’t Be a Cow! Just last week we shared the story of the Ice Bucket Challenge. And in Day 18 of our book we devote a chapter to it.

“I believe smiles are contagious”

In addition to small acts of kindness, Billy also mentions how much he loves to smile and says, he feels, smiles are contagious. And how easy it is to bring happiness to folks just by smiling. Dale Carnegie in his book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, suggested smiling is an important aspect of life. And, “Learn to Smile,” is Day 2 in our book.


Zac Summers Fox4 Evening News reporter
Zac Summers


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – A local sanitation worker never expected his simple gesture for an Independence woman with dementia would be got on camera.

And he certainly didn’t expect it would warm the hearts of thousands of people across the metro.

On Tuesday, FOX4 talked to the family of Opal Zucca after her doorbell camera captured a driver with Waste Management walking her up her driveway. The man in the video is Billy Shelby.

“Me and my mother was sitting there watching the news, and I said, ‘That look like me’, and then when it came on, I said, ‘That’s me,’” Billy recalled.

Billy’s been driving garbage trucks for Waste Management for four years. His friendship with Opal began in January when he saw her fall in her driveway.

“I made it a point to make sure it wasn’t going to happen again, so I started taking her cart back to her house,” he said. “It’s gotten to a point where she kind of expects to see me, and I expect to see her.”

The 50-year-old said he was just being his authentic self. He describes his personality as “outgoing,” but he has a knack for making people smile.

“I genuinely just like people,[and] I believe smiles are contagious, you know what I mean?” he said with a huge grin.

On Wednesday, Billy got the chance to meet Opal’s children, including her daughter, Colette Kingston, who posted the video of Billy and her mother on Facebook – a video that now has tens of thousands of views.

“I was just trying to take the trash back up there and get my hug, get my hug, that’s it,” he said embracing Opal.

“From all of us kids, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Colette said. “[We’re grateful] just to know there are angels in the world watching out for her.”

Billy said he’s humbled by all of the attention.

“Here I drive a trash truck. That’s it, right? But even with that, I can still be the best person I can be, and it can help somebody through their day,” he said.

He wants this moment to impel others to simply be nice, something he strives for in every aspect of his life.

“I just believe in good energy, man. If you give it out, more than likely, that’s what you’re going to get back,” he said.

Billy is a huge Chiefs fan. On Wednesday — after watching FOX4’s original story — former Chiefs player Tim Grunhard surprised Billy with two tickets to the Vikings game in November. Colette, who is a season ticket holder, also plans to make sure he has the ultimate game experience.




Don’t Be a Cow! Find Your Own Path to Happiness 

What Does This Picture Say to You?

Well, I sent this photo to some friends and here are a few of the responses:

Close up of a sunflower communicating happiness

  • Happy
  • Sun
  • Good Morning
  • Happiness
  • Growth
  • Summer Sunshine
  • Dove Field (ranks among the best)
  • Sunflower (needed to add, I’m a plant I can’t speak any words you idiot!), and
  • Purdy.

It’s simply amazing when you think of all the images that our eyes and mind process every day. Many of these images actually speak to us and some don’t. Think of all the words one image can communicate where not a word is spoken.

Where is the expression/body language …

Rachel and I recently watched Hitched, a 1995 movie (it tells you how up to date our movie watching is!) starring Will Smith. In the movie, he says communication is 60% expression and body language, 30% tone and only 10% verbal. Close your eyes for a minute and think about those percentages. Now think about today’s communications: With texting and emails probably constituting 80% of today’s communication, his calculation of expression and body language means 90% of communication is not utilized … because we’re just using electronic means to talk to one another.

… and where is the tone?

The unfortunate part is that because these two aspects of communications are largely missing, they can become implied. Seriously, have you ever read an email and wondered why the person seemed so uptight, angry, or just uninviting? I’ve even gone back to a previous email I sent to see if I said something that was misinterpreted. The fact is,  that we really don’t know what the person’s tone is because we can’t hear it; personally, I try to create a tone based on words on a sheet of paper (or screen), but not everyone bothers.

Try calling or visiting an old friend and reopen the lines of communications in your life.

I’m not quite sure why I remember this but I do. It was a television commercial from many years ago. It was for United Airlines. A bunch of sales people and executives sitting around a large conference table. The boss is walking around the table handing out airline tickets to everyone seated at the table. He is saying something to the effect, “we are all going to make some personal visits to our clients.” One of the attendees ask the boss, “and where are you going?” He pulls an airline ticket out of his back pocket and says, “I’m going to visit our oldest client.”

Translation: Nothing can replace personal contact.

Modern communications are an amazing thing. One of the things that is funny to me is that I can’t hardly remember a time when we didn’t have cell phones. I don’t know about you, but I have enjoyed some good laughs texting, and some of the jokes that have crossed my desk via email have been great; however, they can’t replace real live human interaction.

Humans need personal interaction.  Now I know there are some fellow introverts out there, but we all need it, albeit maybe in varying amounts. Remember the movie where Tom Hanks gets plane-wrecked on a remote island? An excellent example of what happens when we are removed from any human interaction.

Soulful Quote:

Communications are 60% expression & body language, 30% tone, and only 10% verbal – Will Smith’s character in Hitch (2005)


“Communication Breakdown” by Led Zepplin

Game Exercise/Life Changer:

Close your eyes and repeat the soulful quote. With your eyes still closed,  ask yourself “how can I bring back the 90% of communications lost in my life?” Meet an old friend or family member for coffee, lunch or maybe even an afterwork beverage this week. Make the time and make the agreement to leave your phones out of the conversations except to show a picture or two. Not only is this a really fun Game Exercise, but can be very rewarding in our pursuits of Happiness!

For more great soulful quotes, songs and game exercises, get a copy of  our book, Don’t Be a Cow! available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Independent Books.

And feel free to comment below: What does the SUNFLOWER say to You! 


PASSION: Is Yours Hiding? Live Happier. Live Well.

Passion: Is Yours Hiding?

I don’t know about y’all, but I think the word passion is under used and misunderstood today. Which I think is unfortunate. 

First, what passion is (according to me): Passion is an internal feeling about something, someone (LOVE!), or someplace. Passion comes from the heart, or for those of you that believe the heart is simply an organ that pumps blood, passion comes from our soul. 

A human being consists of three parts: the mind, the body and the soul (or spirit if you prefer). Passion comes from the soul. The great thing about passion is that it totally ignores the mind and the body. Think about it. You wake in the morning and your “passion” is telling you a doughnut and latte is a must for breakfast today. There is nothing the mind or body can do to stop you. We generally refer to this type of passion as a craving. Likewise, passion tells us to ignore the mind telling us what other people may think or say about us when we are following our passion. “This is just too important of an issue to care about what people are thinking or saying.”

Today’s Misunderstanding:

Today people often confuse passion for fanaticism. In conversations I have had with people, I can sense caution when I use the word passion because they now associate passion with fanaticism. Passion doesn’t necessarily mean running through the streets screaming at the top of your lungs, it doesn’t require you to lay in the middle of the road, or chain yourself to a tree. And, it certainly doesn’t involve being vulgar, mean, rude, or threatening. In fact, I would say that these are just the opposite of passion.

Remember the three parts of the human? The mind, the body and the soul (heart)? Passion comes from the heart whereas, fanaticism comes from the mind. The mind convinces us that we must do these things to be heard and/or to be seen. Although it may be true that you are seen on the nightly news and you may even be heard but … is anyone listening? These types of tactics appease the mind that you are popular, that you are making a difference. But, are you? Admittedly there are times for extremes measures, but they are far and few between.

Now I must get back to Passion (for this is mine!):

Passion is an internal driver. It has no, or very little need, to appease the mind. Passion is that thing that should drive your life and it likely will change throughout your life. We should feel passionate about what we are doing each and every day. When Rachel and I were raising our kids, our passion was raising kids. Now that they have all moved out, our passions have shifted. It’s not so important as to what your passions may be at any one point in time. It’s important that you have passion. If we are not careful, it’s easy to lose passion. It can sometime get run over on that highway called everyday living.

Passion Check, Break it Down!

Passion: Pass – i – on – passing (sharing) – i (a part of yourself) – on (with others) (my apologies to the phonetics out there). Our destiny in life is sharing our talents for the benefit of others – Passion; Pass it on!

Remember, remember where passion lives? The heart. When our passion dies, so does our heart. As a person with heart disease, believe me it’s no fun when the heart dies. 

Rachel and I hope that if your passion has been running low, you will take the time to rekindle it. It is a must for living a happier lifestyle.

Soulful Quote:

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” (passion!) – Winston Churchill


“Bridge over Troubled Waters” written by Paul Simon performed by Simon & Garfunkel.

Game Exercise/Life Changer: Take a few minutes to reflect on your passion. What is it today that is motivating you? Nothing? Let’s see if we can change that!

What is Your PASSION! Share it with us below:

Independence Day 2019- Reminders for a Happier Life


Rachel and I hope that everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th.

A Quick thought:

As we celebrate this Independence Day, we hope you will also take a few moments to celebrate your independence from the herd. You know what I mean: Those societal pressures that hold you back from being the person you are meant to be.

Fret not, it happens to all of us from time to time. We just don’t want to make it a lifelong endeavor. Keeping ourselves separated from the herd, is a daily pursuit.

As a nation, we must work daily to keep our freedom, liberties and independence. As individuals, we too must work daily to keep on our own path of happiness and prosperity.

This Independence Day weekend may be a good time to check your own independence from the herd!

When’s the last time you read your copy of Don’t Be A Cow?


PS If you’re at the beach this holiday, why not take a selfie of you reading Don’t Be a Cow! and share it with us. Either here or our Facebook page.