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Self-Awareness | Keys to Happiness

I believe in me text with heart in background for self-awareness

Lately, I’ve seen a good number of articles floating through email pertaining to self-awareness. And of particular interest to me are the articles correlating self-awareness to happiness. As I scan these articles, it’s not the particulars of each one that stands out, nor is it the commonality or the stark contrast that stands out. What stands […]

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Keys to Happiness : Tweet, tweet, tweet Tweet. Ah, the sweet sounds of the song bird as the sun rises or their signal at dusk of another day’s end. Is there anything as simple or pleasurable as listening to the song of a bird? But, I know not all of you were thinking about birds […]

Keys to Happiness: Winning

Winning Cup

“Winning isn’t Everything. It’s the Only Thing!” “There is No Such Thing as a Moral Victory!” What a time of year for the sports enthusiast! The 2018 baseball season is catching full stride, there are playoffs in hockey and basketball, the NFL draft, the professional golf tour is in full swing, no pun intended (okay […]

Keys to Happiness : Spring has Sprung!

Bright green leafs with monach butterfly landing on them

Ah spring has sprung! At least for today, and I realize that many of you to our north have not yet fully evolved into spring; hold on, it’s surely coming. For this year’s spring, a simple reminder. In today’s society, when we refer to “long green,” we are referring to money and lots of it. […]

Roots of Leadership, Part 2

Image of the I (heart) Me written in fireworks.

Before we continue our discussion on leadership, a quick synopsis of our beginning discussion. We made a tie into Valentine’s Day, yes, the ‘love’ holiday, but instead of looking at love with our significant other, we put it in the context of love of oneself. With all the books and publications today dedicated to leadership, […]

Valentine’s Day, the Root of Leadership.

If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others - Dalai Lama

Today there is much said about “leadership.” Let’s just say that leadership is “in vogue” in our society today. So, let me put my two cents in on the subject as well. I know you must be wondering, okay but a tie-in to Valentine’s Day?

Ground Hog Day

Punxsutawney Phil being held on Groundhog Day

Ground Hog Day – Said to be my favorite holiday, I understand that technically it’s not actually a holiday of the year. Why? First, it is a day of anticipation, the cold and bitterness of winter has set in and for many there is no relief in sight. People looking for any sign that will […]

Spontaneity vs. Planning

As the new year gets rolling to a full head of steam, I’m sure many resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. Of course, I know there are still plenty of you dedicated souls out there still holding true to your aspirations for 2018.

Tis the Season!


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh. Snow bells ring, are you listening? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul. Fresh baked cookies, candies, pies, and cakes. Colorful lights that fill the […]

A Thanksgiving Gobble

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Another toast,

A little more wobble!

O, to Thanksgiving

To the feast

That brings forth the day!

O, to family

To friends,

That brings forth the joy!

Have You Ever?

Grizzly Play Time

Now that the ghost and goblins have vanished for another year, we enter the month of Thanksgiving, quickly followed by the month of giving and receiving. I think it might be a great time to ask the question, “Have you ever … ?” Let’s look at dealing with Thanksgiving’s frantic pace. But first let me […]


Have you ever noticed how quickly ants (Pronounced, aints, in the South) are able to relocate? You run them over with the lawn mower, or even spray poison on them and the next day, three feet away, is a new mound that is bigger than the first. (That image is an anthill in Africa, by the […]


Have you ever played the “Today Game”? Now, before I explain, let me give a little background. Maybe you have experienced this to some extent, too. There are times in life when everything seems to be going wrong. Some say it comes in threes, but there have been times when I wished it would have […]

Blurred Vision? Blink, Blink, Blink!

If you are a frequent reader of our blogs, you realize that we love taking everyday life happenings and making analogies to a deeper meaning. I like to think of it as making the simple out of the complex; however, Jane tends to think I just do the opposite and make the simple complex. In […]

Labor Day Weekend and the “Little Man”


The Little Man Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” The song tells the story of how many towns in this country started with the town squares, who were built by the “little man,” Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a […]



I think we all know how beautiful a setting sun can be. I think the symbolism that goes along with it can be every bit as beautiful. In fact, when truly embraced, it can be so life changing that the visual beauty of a setting sun pales in comparison to the symbolism.Follow along for a […]


Solar Eclipse

As what seems like the entire country mobilizes to catch a glimpse of such an event as the solar eclipse, I find that I just can’t let such an opportunity go to waste. When we are plodding along through life, following the herd, our paths become blocked just as the suns path is being blocked […]

Running Through Life – Where is Your Head?

Keeping your head down in football

As the aging clock continues to tick away, the body really starts to feel all of our mistakes from the past. Worn out knees that don’t like to bend much anymore, to ears that were exposed to too much rock and roll and shotgun blast. Whatever the past culprits are in your life, I’m sure […]

An Interesting Phenomenon

A long narrow road

Have you ever noticed how the scenery is different as you travel in opposite directions on the same road? This is particularly true when traveling uphill in one direction and then traveling downhill in the opposite direction. I experienced this phenomenon several weeks ago.There is a road where I normally only travel in the same […]

Do You Want To?

Happiness spelled out on a scrabble holder

Want To: Do You Want To? This one seems so obvious. Of course, you want to, especially when we put in terms of do you want to be happy? It always amazes me, after a close hard-fought sporting event, one of the commentators will state, “well it came down to which team wanted it more. […]

4th of July – What a Difference It Would Make!

Fireworks surrounding the Statue of Liberty

An Independence Day message using a slight tweak to the phrase spoken by our 35th President, John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address. Just think what a difference it would make if everyone’s first thought every morning or afternoon (if you’re not a morning person) was, “Ask not what others can do for me, but […]

Practice Living A Happier Life

Close up of hands playing the piano

Practice, practice, practice … practice makes perfect, phrases in which we are all familiar. In his book, Success Is A Choice, published back in the mid to late 1990’s, Rick Pitino, University of Louisville basketball coach, states that practice doesn’t make perfect, but “perfect practice makes perfect.” Of course from one point of view, this […]


Close up of a horse showing teeth and appears to be laughing

When was the last time you had a good laugh? I had a rough day the other day; I’m sure you probably know the kind of day I am referring to. So, I thought, well since I co-authored a book on happiness and all, I need to snap out of this. Then I remembered Day […]

Commencement 2017 – 3 simple things

Grads at a commencement holding their mortar boards to throw in the air

What a wonderful time of year. The grass is green, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer! And, oh yeah, how could I forget graduations are in full swing. Good ole graduation, the ceremony of two tales: ● The Graduate – Give me my diploma and let me get out of this […]

The Rock and the Odds

Rock with a hand painted cow on it

A friend, one of the first people to read Don’t Be A Cow!, was recently taking a walk on RiverWalk in Columbus, GA. She looked down and something caught her eye. It was a rock with something on it; taking a closer look, painted on the rock was … a cow! Imagine. What are the […]

Nature – in the Backyard

Looking at Nature through a window

Nature’s way to speak to us all If only we stop, to absorb it’s awe! The vibrant red of a cardinal on a gray and gloomy winters day The soaring of an eagle in what appears to be an endless sky The sounds of water as it travels after a torrent rain It’s there for […]

Wasting Time! Research I Can Truly Relate To!

“The psychological importance of wasting time,” by Olivia Goldhill I got this article from a friend the other day, which got me thinking! Of course, I think that was the intent of my friend. Unless, of course, they were just trying to drop me a hint to make me feel better. Because I think I […]

Self-Reliance. What does it mean?

Self-reliance what is it? What does it mean? Is it a good thing or a not-so-good thing? A school of thought says man is to live in community, therefore all must contribute to the community, and all must rely on the community. This contribute-and-rely relationship forms a bond between the individual and the community. This […]

Pinocchio and what he tells you about discipline

Blue Green Red Plastic Pinocchio Ornament

One of the literary tragedies of this century is the take-away message from Pinocchio: If you lie your nose will grow longer! And we all know that won’t happen! The real message? When you live a life without discipline and follow others, you become an ass, excuse me, a donkey! And this, unlike the nose […]


Painted Easter Eggs with smiling faces

Christmas – a time of giving and receiving. With Christmas we hear things such as: “Christmas in July,” and “I wish everyday could be Christmas.” Christmas, the holiday where often materialism and commercialism seem to be center stage. But what about Easter? Yes, commercialism has played its part, too, but not nearly to the extent of […]

Keys to Happiness – Lessons from a Giraffe

The whole world, or at least it seems, has been captivated awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe. It is so nice to see such anticipation, such thrill and excitement created over such a simple act of nature. This is but one example of the beauty of nature.


Oh to be offended, when at last I thought my mind was all mended. Politicians come, politicians go. Oh to be offended, when at last I thought my mind was all mended. Conflicts arise out of differing points of view. While one heart simmers, the other stews. Oh to be offended, when at last I […]

Spring! What a wonderful time of year.

Spring has sprung: what a wonderful time of year. The cold bitter weather, the gray dreary skies, and the trees devoid of their foliage now begin to give way to the warming sun, the green foliage of grasses and bright petals of flowers all springing forth life. In the song, “the Rose,” there is the […]

Daylight Savings Time!

Clock with the words Make time for what matters

It’s about that time … or is it? Once upon a time. A stitch in time saves nine. Working 9 to 5. Clock in, clock out. What a buzzer beater. Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. I love Daylight Savings Time; I hate Daylight Savings Time; Why even […]

Bells & Whistles

We are all, or most of us anyway, familiar with purchasing a car. Some are rather plain and some are loaded with bells & whistles. It is sort of fun to think back through the years how the bells & whistles have changed. A/C, electric windows, power locks, radios, electric seats, air bags, navigation systems, […]

The Seesaw and the Balance of Life

As we go through life, we are constantly reminded about the importance of living a balanced life, ___% spiritual, ___% work, ___% family, ___% friends or whatever breakdown is important to you. We hear phrases such as “you never hear someone on their death bed wish they had spent more time working.” I often wondered […]

Valentine’s Day and Un-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day considered by a lot of people as a day made up by the greeting card, florist and chocolate industries. I am not sure of the origins of this “holiday,” and why it comes in February. Maybe it is because February tends to be somewhat of a gray and gloomy month and […]