Best 35 minutes I’ve spent in a long time.

That was truly the best 35 minutes I’ve spent in a very long time! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to George discuss his book, Don’t Be A Cow! I have listened to numerous “motivational speakers” in my past career life and by far I enjoyed his the best! Not only is George’s message clear and concise, but he embodies the spirit of exactly what he is discussing.

Great Job!!

Jacquie, Alabama Forestry Association

BB&T and Trees Columbus

Some comments by attendees at recent “30 minute Happy Hour” presentations for BB&T and Trees Columbus, AL


  • “It was excellent, thank you”
  • “Thanks for the smiles and focus on what is important”
    “I really appreciate you guys taking the time to share with us your book! I really feel that your book will have valuable information that will help me through my current situations.”
  • “…Enjoyed the message of the presentation, definitely motivated to change some things in my life to ‘not be a cow!’ This was a great reminder to want to conquer the herd and find my strengths all while helping o motivate others. Thank you for sharing with us.”
  • “I love the energy-it really helped with the early time. That George had so much energy :)”
  • “I thought the presentation was well rounded and put together”
  • “I look forward to reading the book and putting the practices in action”
  • “Happiness is a choice. We are able to choose to be happy no matter the circumstances.”
  • “Very informative”

Keynote Address at The Tallassee Chamber Banquet

“That was great, and what made it so great is that you said it so simply that even a dumbass like me could understand it!” Greg

Employee holding a tray of sandwiches

It's not a logo. Or a building. People are the life blood of any organization.

This includes, employees, clients, customers, contractors, supply chains, etc. and ... everyone who comes in contact with folks in your company. They are your "brand advocates."

Corporate culture is no longer defined by policy and procedure, it's defined by the employees that make up your workforce.

So why not invest a little time and money to give the folks that represent you, a little more motivation, a little bit more energy and help them feel great?

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