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A tasty diversion during COVID 19

George discovers a bonus while enjoying a tasty treat in this Age of Coronavirus #LivehappierLiveWell #Liveahappierlife #Stayathome  

Why is Smiling so Important to Being Happy? I'll give you 3 reasons

I've found it interesting, and yet so true, what smiling can do for your life. In fact, I have found it so amusing that when I stop and think about it long enough it actually makes me chuckle. I'll never forget, many years ago, thumbing…

Can Roses Really Bring Happiness? Absolutely!

Valentines and Roses Because of the time of year, I know where many of your think I’m going with this message. But, trust me, this is not a blog promoting the florist industry (well not exactly)! We are all familiar with the phrase…
Easy Street sign with trees

Is there really such a thing as Easy Street?

I always imagined that Easy Street was this place where faucets never dripped, lawns never got weeds, the houses never required painting, all the neighbors got along and frequently had BBQ’s, and pets never defecated. Well it just so happens that one time I did actually find myself on Easy Street.

Positively Positive

It has always been amazing to me ... ... how easy it is to pick up words and phrases that are tossed around in society. It's funny because I have noticed that often when I first hear one of these words or phrases I don't even like it; I…

Two resolutions that will bring about real, positive change

It's been a week. How ya doin'? What I find so comical about New Year's resolutions is that we spend as much time discussing how long it will be before they are broken as we do the resolutions themselves. It's almost as if we are setting ourselves…
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