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Rethinking Discipline

Awhile back we wrote about Self-reliance in a blog post (April 2017). This post by Scott H. Young offers some insights and thoughts about the subject of Self-discipline, a close cousin, in his presentation on "Rethinking Discipline." Rethinking…

Everything you want to know about Happiness in One Infographic

Infographics can be silly, but sometimes they can give a clear picture of a complex concept. This one explains Happiness! And it's pretty good.

Happy Employees are More Productive

An article from Fast Company, originally published in 2015 and still relevant today.
An array of rocks that have been painted with messages

Rock painting groups connecting families

Check out this recent story on "The Today Show" that relates to the COW ROCK ...
An array of rocks that have been painted with messages


I read the book cover to cover from start to finish. Now, I find I jump around doing the exercises. It's also made me more aware of songs that inspire me and I've been keeping a log. Even though I think I found my path years ago, this book reminds…
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