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Programs to Amuse, Enlighten and Motivate

Happiness is a choice

We are able to choose to be happy no matter the circumstances.

Columbus Consolidated Gov't - Up & Motivated, Columbus AL

Enjoyed the message, definitely motivated

Enjoyed the message of the presentation, definitely motivated to change some things in my life to ‘not be a cow!’ This was a great reminder to want to conquer the herd and find my strengths all while helping to motivate others.

Trees Columbus, Board Retreat, Columbus GA

Excellent, well put together, thanks

It was excellent, thank you.

Thanks for the smiles and focus on what is important.

Well put together and well-rounded.

BB & T, Auburn AL - and Tallassee Branch employees

Best 35 minutes I’ve spent in a long time

That was truly the best 35 minutes I’ve spent in a very long time! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to George discuss his book, Don’t Be A Cow! I have listened to numerous “motivational speakers” in my past career life and by far I enjoyed his the best! Not only is George’s message clear and concise, but he embodies the spirit of exactly what he is discussing. Great Job!!


Alabama Forestry Association

That was great!

… and what made it so great is that you said it so simply, that even a dumba** like me could understand it!

Tallassee Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet


Really loved the insights. Makes you understand that achieving happiness isn’t that unbelievable. Entire group enjoyed the presentation.

Gary James

Love George’s energy

George’s energy really helped with the early time (of the presentation). Very informative

BB & T, Auburn AL - and Tallassee Branch employees

Really appreciated this presentation

Thanks for taking the time to share with us your book! I really feel your book will have valuable information that will help me through my current situations.

BB&T - Auburn, AL
Employee holding a tray of sandwiches

It's not a logo.

Or a building.

People are the life blood of any organization.

Employees, clients, customers, contractors, supply chains, everyone who comes in contact with folks in your company: They are your "brand advocates."

Corporate culture is no longer defined by policy and procedure, it's defined by the employees that make up your workforce.

So why not invest a little time and money to give the folks that represent you, a little more motivation, a little bit more energy and help them feel great?

Let's talk. There's no obligation or cost to find out more. 

The 30-Minute Happy Hour

• Our short presentation, which usually runs between  30 to 45-minutes, offers insight in how to become a happier person and feel empowered.

• Your employees gain new perspective on ways to build on relationships and their own experiences.

• Our Don't Be a Cow! presentation will give your employees confidence in themselves. When they believe in themselves, they will serve as better ambassadors for your company.

The One Day Workshop

  • Designed as a Day Event, lasting 4 to 8 hrs. George and Rachel work with your folks throughout the day, breaking into smaller groups when necessary.
  • The Don't Be a Cow! program can be tailored for different departments who work independently, but the entire group is brought together "on the same page."
  • Perfect for companies with a large work force of part timers, flex employees and Independent Contractors.
  • Great for not-for-profits, organizations with large groups of volunteers, and boards.

The Four Seasons Workshop

  • Similar to the one-day, but Don't Be a Cow! sessions are broken into smaller sessions over 12 months.
  • Quarterly creates objectives, goals and shared involvement over time.
  • Each session runs from 30-120 minutes (session length can vary).
  • These can be as simple as a 30-minute motivational talk by either George or Rachel in each quarter of the year or can be a more in-depth workshop (we highly recommend).
  • Great for work forces that do better in smaller groups and have time constraints.
Rachel and George Barker

Each program, no matter the length, is developed with the Don't Be A Cow! lifestyle in mind.

  • People learn and retain more when they are enjoying themselves, so although we may be tackling serious issues, we keep it light.
  • Even with the longer sessions where we will take a deeper look into the organization, we keep it light hearted and fun.
  • Our goal is to inspire and have everyone leave feeling better about themselves, motivated and empowered to contribute to your future success.

Share the happiness
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