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Positively Positive

It has always been amazing to me … … how easy it is to pick up words and phrases that are tossed around in society. It’s funny because I have noticed that often when I first hear one of these words or phrases I don’t even like it; I start using it in a mocking way. Then the next thing I know without even being conscious of it, I’m using the word with regularity. To make it even worse, most of these words carry negative connotations with them especially in the context...

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Don’t Be A Cow and Follow the herd says Chicago Trib writer

We love that he is sharing our advice. BE HAPPIER. Don’t follow the herd. And have a happy Mother’s day. Column: Don’t be a cow and follow the herd. Stay home on Mother’s Day. A jampacked restaurant brunch is no way to treat the women in your life on Mother’s Day. Celebrate at home. (Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune) John Kassemail hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ Chicago Tribune If you’re thinking about going out for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday, gathering...

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