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You Can Live a Happier Life

The Key to Happiness is separating yourself from the herd and finding your own path through life. By following some simple and effective steps, I can help you find your path, forever empowering you to be all you can be.

The Book

Don’t be a Cow! is a Collection of Daily Observations and Lessons for Discovering True Happiness, by George and Rachel Barker.

The key is discovering your talent to share with the world.

Soulful Empowerment

Whenever we discover an article, post or musings that shares the ideas of self empowerment and the goal of a happier life – and especially if it makes us smile – we’ll share it here.

Insights to Happiness! Blog

Literally, a photograph of a fork in the road.

Are you following the easiest path?

If the answer to this question is no, the obvious reply is, why not? Many people believe in the ole saying, "sometimes the right path isn't the easiest one." Maybe you fall into that category. If you do, let me expand on my previous question…
Memo pad with New Years resolutions and the letter a as a list blank.

Resolution or Realization? Which is it for you?

Before I begin, let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We all know that this is the time of the year for resolutions. Some live by them and some want nothing to do with them ... so I'm not going to say much about resolutions, other than…

Christmas traditions. How do you see them?

Not too terribly long ago, Rachel and I spent a week in the Caribbean. I guess you could say somewhat of a new tradition for us. On our latest outing, we took a little time to do some snorkeling (yes, it was a balmy 85 degrees while temperatures…
Benches in a park at night with holiday lights and snow on the ground

The Key to a Great Holiday Season, the 4 Pillars. Here they are.

Festive or Fearful? This time of year is considered a joyous time of year. Christmas. Chanukah. Kwanzaa. Solstice (Winter Holidays around the world). It's a festive time with family and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of year…

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