You Can Live a Happier Life

The Key to Happiness is separating yourself from the herd and finding your own path through life. By following some simple and effective steps, I can help you find your path, forever empowering you to be all you can be.

It‘s FALL. BOO, Ya’ll

Don’t Be a Cow! Isn’t it time for change?

The Book

Don’t be a Cow! is a Collection of Daily Observations and Lessons for Discovering True Happiness, by George and Rachel Barker.

The key is discovering your talent to share with the world.

Soulful Empowerment

Whenever we discover an article, post or musings that shares the ideas of self empowerment and the goal of a happier life – and especially if it makes us smile – we’ll share it here.

Insights to Happiness! Blog

Happy Little boy throwing leaves in the air

Are You Happy? Make it your Latest Fashion

Consider this: Fashion. Yes I said fashion - I mean, it is fall and fashion is society’s way of influencing our outer covering. If we are not careful, society will also attempt to influence our inner being - our soul. As this happens, we…
woman pulling her hair out

Stressed Out? Can't Seem to Shake It Off?

You're Not Alone. It is said that pressure is standing over a 5-foot putt to win the Masters Golf Tournament when you know you have trained as hard as you can train for this moment. Stress is standing over a 5-foot putt to win the Masters when…

I think this is Fascinating! You?

Isn't that fascinating! I was recently having a conversation with someone, who was telling me about something that was really fascinating to them. I could tell they truly were fascinated because of the emphatic way in which they were describing…
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11 BOOKS to read to improve your social skills

We are thrilled to be included in this list of books to read to improve social skills. And we're in very good company. Please take a moment to look at the list, make a comment or share. It will mean a lot to us. And if you don't have a copy…

Don‘t Follow the Herd. Don’t Be a Cow!