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The Key to Happiness is separating yourself from the herd and finding your own path through life. By following some simple and effective steps, I can help you find your path, forever empowering you to be all you can be.

The 30-Minute Happy Hour

Did you know that we all work more collaboratively, productively and effectively when we’re happy? Make sense doesn’t it? My 30-minute “Happy Hour” is designed to enlighten and captivate the audience with a fun, light-hearted presentation that delivers a powerful message: Insights on creating a happier life!

The Book

Don’t be a Cow! is a Collection of Daily Observations and Lessons for Discovering True Happiness, by George and Rachel Barker.

The key is discovering your talent to share with the world. Through a 30-day interactive format designed to enlighten and empower you, come on an adventure in finding a lifestyle that is fulfilling and uniquely YOU! Without following the herd.

Soulful Empowerment

From all four corners of the World Wide Web, whenever we discover an article, post or musings that shares the ideas of self empowerment and the goal of a happier life – and especially if it makes us smile – we’ll share it here. C’mon. Get happy!

The Latest from the Cow Talk! Blog

I believe in me text with heart in background for self-awareness

Self-Awareness | Keys to Happiness

Lately, I've seen a good number of articles floating through email pertaining to self-awareness. And of particular interest to me are the articles correlating self-awareness to happiness. As I scan these articles, it’s not the particulars…

Tweet, tweet, tweet

Keys to Happiness : Tweet, tweet, tweet Tweet. Ah, the sweet sounds of the song bird as the sun rises or their signal at dusk of another day’s end. Is there anything as simple or pleasurable as listening to the song of a bird? But, I know…
Winning Cup

Keys to Happiness: Winning

"Winning isn’t Everything. It’s the Only Thing!" "There is No Such Thing as a Moral Victory!" What a time of year for the sports enthusiast! The 2018 baseball season is catching full stride, there are playoffs in hockey and basketball,…
Bright green leafs with monach butterfly landing on them

Keys to Happiness : Spring has Sprung!

Ah spring has sprung! At least for today, and I realize that many of you to our north have not yet fully evolved into spring; hold on, it’s surely coming. For this year’s spring, a simple reminder. In today’s society, when we refer to…

Don‘t Follow the Herd. Don’t Be a Cow!