It‘s FALL. BOO, Ya’ll

Don’t Be a Cow! Isn’t it time for change?


The Key to Happiness is separating yourself from the herd and finding your own path through life. By following some simple and effective steps, I can help you find your path, forever empowering you to be all you can be.

The 30-Minute Happy Hour

Did you know that we all work more collaboratively, productively and effectively when we’re happy? Make sense doesn’t it? My 30-minute “Happy Hour” is designed to enlighten and captivate the audience with a fun, light-hearted presentation that delivers a powerful message: Insights on creating a happier life!

The Book

Don’t be a Cow! is a Collection of Daily Observations and Lessons for Discovering True Happiness, by George and Rachel Barker.

The key is discovering your talent to share with the world. Through a 30-day interactive format designed to enlighten and empower you, come on an adventure in finding a lifestyle that is fulfilling and uniquely YOU! Without following the herd.

Soulful Empowerment

From all four corners of the World Wide Web, whenever we discover an article, post or musings that shares the ideas of self empowerment and the goal of a happier life – and especially if it makes us smile – we’ll share it here. C’mon. Get happy!

The Latest from the Cow Talk! Blog

Have You Checked Your Pride Lately?

What I 'm talking about is internal pride: That pride that gives us self-confidence, makes us believe in ourselves, and makes us happy and productive individuals. This time of the year there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of pride…
Clock with the words Make time for what matters

Do you make time for yourself? Meditate

Ancient Chinese Proverb: Meditate for 20 minutes every day, if you don't have 20 minutes meditate for 60 minutes every day. On my journey through life, I can't over emphasis the importance of taking a little time everyday for yourself. It's…
Be Yourself Quote from Isaac Newton

Be Who You Are! The first step in living a life of happiness!

It sounds so simple, right? Be yourself. Be unique. The fact is, I imagine almost everyone struggles with it at times, if not often, within their life time. Why? Because the problem is that when we are truly ourselves, our uniqueness will shine through... however, when we see ourselves as being "different," often we have the tendency to go negative and feel "like an odd ball," or someone who isn't liked.

Change – Change to a Happier You

I am always humored when I hear people say things to the effect, "I'm not going to change, I like being the way I am," or "It's not going to change me." News Bulletin: Change occurs, you don't have a choice in the matter. The only say you have…

Don‘t Follow the Herd. Don’t Be a Cow!