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Happiness! True happiness lies within all of us.

The key is discovering your talent to share with the world. This is your path. Come on a 31-day adventure with us so that you can discover and stay true to your unique path!

A Regular Joe

We are not doctors, nor do we have PhD’s. I'm a regular Joe. We have no formal training in psychology, psychiatry or any other studies of the human brain.

We do believe we all become somewhat brain docs simply going through life interacting with other humans, especially in the fine art of raising children! Basically, we are, well, regular people. Maybe a tad bit more observant than others! And, we've shared our journey in this book.

A Plain Jane

I'm a regular, "No Frills" Jane. 

Believe us when we say, we have lived this book and not just written it. We have experienced the ups and downs of everyday life. From the good times, great times and horrible times, and all points in-between ...

And through it all, we have been able to find happiness. Hopefully, this book shares what we found helpful, and by referring to it daily, you find purpose, fulfillment and happiness!