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Happy Employees = Productive Employees

Why you Ask? Well, we have discovered the answer to this question and it’s really quite simple.

“Really? Explain…” It starts with empowering people!

“Been there, tried that…” Actually, you likely tried to empower them to become better employees, better managers, better leaders which all centers around your needs and wants. Makes sense you’re the one paying for it.

“Okay, I’m listening…” When we empower people, we need to empower the individual and we do this by diving to the core of individuality. Don’t Be A Cow! Is all about our individuality and where we often get off tract and start to follow the Herd!

“Okay that’s fine, but I still need a team a group of people working together…” Absolutely you do, but let me ask you a question. Does a head football coach need his offensive tackle to throw touchdown passes?

“No, of course not!” That’s right, he needs that offensive tackle to be the best tackle he can possibly be. Just like you need each of your team members to be the best they can be. And, if this offensive tackle is having problems at home, or if his mom is ill, is he going to perform to his best? Maybe, if his core is sound! When you truly care about your people, they will lift you and your organization to new heights!

Don’t Be A Cow! Is a fun metaphor to be who YOU are and not follow the herd, for our own individuality, is where we find True Happiness! We like a “fun” metaphor because that’s how we view life. At the end of the day, we are all more productive when we are enjoying what it is we are doing. Our book and our presentations are geared to be fun, enlightening, and energizing. Sooo…..

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