Motivational Programs

It's not a logo or a building.

People are the life blood of any organization.

Employees, clients, customers, contractors, supply chains, everyone who comes in contact with folks in your company: They are your "brand advocates."
Corporate culture is no longer defined by policy and procedure, it's defined by the employees that make up your workforce.

So why not invest a little time and money to give the folks that represent you, a little more motivation, a little bit more energy and help them feel great?

Let's talk. There's no obligation or cost to find out more.

30-Minute Happy Hour

Our short presentation, which usually runs between 30 to 45-minutes, offers insight in how to become a happier person and feel empowered.

Your employees gain new perspective on ways to build on relationships and their own experiences.

Our Don't Be a Cow! presentation will give your employees confidence in themselves. When they believe in themselves, they will serve as better ambassadors for your company.

One Day Workshop

Designed as a Day Event, lasting 4 to 8 hrs. George and Rachel work with your folks throughout the day, breaking into smaller groups when necessary.

The Don't Be a Cow! program can be tailored for different departments who work independently, but the entire group is brought together "on the same page."

Perfect for companies with a large work force of part timers, flex employees and Independent Contractors.

Great for not-for-profits, organizations with large groups of volunteers, and boards.

Four Seasons Workshop

Similar to the one-day, but Don't Be a Cow! sessions are broken into smaller sessions over 12 months.

Quarterly creates objectives, goals and shared involvement over time.

Each session runs from 30-120 minutes (session length can vary).

These can be as simple as a 30-minute motivational talk by either George or Rachel in each quarter of the year or can be a more in-depth workshop (we highly recommend).

Great for work forces that do better in smaller groups and have time constraints.

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