Blurred Vision? Blink, Blink, Blink!

If you are a frequent reader of our blogs, you realize that we love taking everyday life happenings and making analogies to a deeper meaning. I like to think of it as making the simple out of the complex; however, Jane tends to think I just do the opposite and make the simple complex. In any event, see if you can follow along with this thought.

We all experience times where our vision becomes temporarily blurred. So, what do we do? Blink! When do these moments tend to occur?

When we are too focused

Times when we are really concentrating and focusing hard to see something, even straining to see. Maybe it’s early morning or late evening or something almost out of eyesight. We stare so hard that we must blink to refocus.

When we are distracted

We are looking at something, and something quickly pops up somewhere in our field of vision, and we become distracted, if but for a brief second. We then have to blink to refocus on what we were looking at.


There are the times, for no particular reason we lose focus and we must blink to refocus.

Now think about life in general. There you are focusing on your dream, your goals, really making progress and then all of a sudden you realize that something has happened. I have heard it said that it only takes a small object to derail a fast moving train. And, just like that we realize we have been derailed from pursuing our dream; something has happened! When and why do these moments tend to occur?

When we become too focused, we become so absorbed in a project perhaps submersed in the details that we are no longer moving forward. Blink, in these cases, blinking may involve a small vacation, a break in routine, some type of diversion. A chance to think and do something else for a while.

When we become distracted with all these outside issues that pop up and at times they seem to pop up one after another after another. After these times diminish, we often have a difficult time getting back to our dreams and goals. Blink, in this case blinking may involve finding a quiet place and turning the cell phone off. Find a place to write your goal or dream again so you can see it in writing and refocus.

Life; it moves quickly at times (most of the time). I love the definition of life that goes like this: “life is what happens to you while you are planning what you are going to do with yours.” Sometimes life places, in front of us, some tough obstacles. Blink, check your resolve. What do you want? and just how bad do you want it? Maybe it’s not your resolve that needs checking but what it is that you want that needs to be re-evaluated.

Blink, an important visionary tool and an important tool in life as well. Have you ever noticed how cows are able to stare forever? It seems that they can stare without ever blinking! Don’t be a Cow, Blink! We would love to hear your comments!

Joe & Jane
PS Also please note that sometimes even after blinking several times, we still have a hard time focusing. In these cases, nothing works better than splashing the face and eyes with a little cold water!

Labor Day Weekend and the “Little Man”

The Little Man

Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” The song tells the story of how many towns in this country started with the town squares, who were built by the “little man,” Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” The song tells the story of how many towns in this country started with the town squares, who were built by the “little man,” Years ago, Alan Jackson recorded a song entitled the “Little Man.” The song tells the story of how many towns in this country started with the town squares, who were built by the “little man,” – the hardware, the five & dimes, and the local drug store could all be found within these squares – and through the passage of time, town squares were replaced by big box stores and strip malls and the town squares eventually died.

It is not the point of this Labor Day message to discuss the ramifications of this progression, but rather to focus on the “Little Man” and just who this is.

In my eyes the “Little Man” is the men and women who get up every morning and make this country move. It has been the “Little Man” that has made this country the strongest most prosperous, and well off country in the history of mankind. Although Labor Day was originally established to celebrate the “labor movement,” this part of America, as with the small town squares, has under gone drastic change as much of this movement is now in other lands. In many ways, the term labor has now shifted from a physical feat to one that is more mental, which is a tribute to the much maligned educational system of the country. Think about it: instead of making the proverbial widget we are now programming different functions of the widget. We are designing widgets, that are faster, slicker, and, of course, prettier.

All this to say, that the essence of things do not change, but merely the facades and the settings of things change. You see, the “Little Man” for whom Mr. Jackson sings was at one time considered the “Big Man” in that town. He was merely replaced by a bigger man, thus making him appear to be a little man. Just as with labor, the sweat, dirt, and grime have been replaced by blurred vision, migraine headaches, and anxiety from starring at computer monitors all day. I can assure you, the latter come home just as tired as the former.

It matters not

The one constant, since the beginning of time, is the “Little Man and Woman” who get out of bed every day and do their best to contribute to the betterment of life. It matters not whether you get sweaty at work, or if you sit in a cubicle starring at a computer screen, or whether you are a CEO of a large company – all contribute in their own way. This not only includes the labor of paid work but all those who labor running and working for the thousands of volunteer organizations in this country – absolutely amazing when you take the time to stop and think about it.

On this Labor Day Weekend, it is our hope that you take a few minutes to remember the “Little Man.” It is all of us “little” men and women, and always has been, that have made this a great nation. I like to think of it as the Labor of Love that we get up and do what we do every day. Also remembering, sometime this weekend take a good hard look in the mirror, take one of your hands, reach over your shoulder and give yourself a big pat on the back. This day, this weekend is for you!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, All! And don’t forget, cows had nothing to do with this labor movement!

Don’t Be A Cow! – Have a Happier Life!

Quote: “Employment is nature’s physian, and is essential to human happiness” Galen (Greek physian, surgeon, & philosopher – Died 210 AD)

Song: Alan Jackson’s – “The Little Man”

Game Exercise: Stand in front of the mirror and thank yourself for your contribution to this great country of ours. God Bless the USA!