Month: May 2019

Commencement 2019. You made it this far.

What a wonderful time of year. The grass is green, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer! And, oh yeah, how could I forget graduations are in full swing? So here is to you, Graduate, and a nice reminder to us all. Short and sweet! Three Simple Things: # 1 ATTITUDE This is yours. It is the one thing, the only thing I might add, that you have total control over. This is unless you hand control over to someone else. I implore you to never allow your attitudeto be controlled by others....

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I think it is so sad. And here’s why.

If given the chance, would you rather be given a million dollars or would you rather earn a million dollars? Several months ago, I was listening to a local radio station and the two DJ’s were discussing a survey that asked people that question. The overwhelming majority of people said that they would rather be given a million dollars than earn a million dollars. I think that is a sad state of mind. Every day, for most of us, our self-esteem or feeling of self-worth is under assault. We think...

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Don’t Be A Cow and Follow the herd says Chicago Trib writer

We love that he is sharing our advice. BE HAPPIER. Don’t follow the herd. And have a happy Mother’s day. Column: Don’t be a cow and follow the herd. Stay home on Mother’s Day. A jampacked restaurant brunch is no way to treat the women in your life on Mother’s Day. Celebrate at home. (Abel Uribe/Chicago Tribune) John KassContact Reporter /* */ Chicago Tribune If you’re thinking about going out for Mother’s Day brunch on Sunday, gathering the siblings, in-laws...

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