Month: November 2019

Is It Really Thanksgiving Already?

Yes, that’s right … Thanksgiving is here. It seems that this year I’ve heard more than the normal amount of people shocked that it is already upon us, and this year, it is actually late. I can’t help but to think how Thanksgiving has changed here in the 21st century. If for no other reason, I can point to how Black Friday now begins on Thursday (yet we still call it Black Friday- I digress). No, I’m not going to go on about commercialism, there are enough others who...

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Share a Smile Today. Have We Become an ‘Unfriendly’ Society?

Share A Smile Today! Has Society Become Less Friendly? And have you ever witnessed the Power of a Smile and a Friendly Gesture? Today, people spend so much time connected to their electronic devices that they rarely see the world around them. Not only do we have laws forbidding people to use their phones while driving, in many metropolitan areas there are signs on the sidewalks telling pedestrians to put their phones away and pay attention. Has this led to a society that walks through life with...

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