Month: May 2017

Commencement 2017 – 3 simple things

What a wonderful time of year. The grass is green, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer! And, oh yeah, how could I forget graduations are in full swing. Good ole graduation, the ceremony of two tales: ● The Graduate – Give me my diploma and let me get out of this place. ● The Parent – The memories, the future, so much of life left to taste. Unfortunately, it seems that most commencement speeches are geared more to the parent than the graduate. Long speeches about what...

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The Rock and the Odds

A friend, one of the first people to read Don’t Be A Cow!, was recently taking a walk on RiverWalk in Columbus, GA. She looked down and something caught her eye. It was a rock with something on it; taking a closer look, painted on the rock was … a cow! Imagine. What are the odds? Especially the odds of an early reader of Don’t Be A Cow! finding an otherwise unassuming rock with a cow painted on it? She couldn’t believe it either, so she snapped the photo and sent it to Jane and me. All three...

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Nature – in the Backyard

Nature’s way to speak to us all If only we stop, to absorb it’s awe! The vibrant red of a cardinal on a gray and gloomy winters day The soaring of an eagle in what appears to be an endless sky The sounds of water as it travels after a torrent rain It’s there for all to see, it’s there for all to hear, for you see, it is… Nature’s way to speak to us all, If only we stop, to absorb it’s awe!  The swaying of a tree, in a Summer’s warm sultry breeze The weaving...

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Wasting Time! Research I Can Truly Relate To!

“The psychological importance of wasting time,” by Olivia Goldhill I got this article from a friend the other day, which got me thinking! Of course, I think that was the intent of my friend. Unless, of course, they were just trying to drop me a hint to make me feel better. Because I think I am really great at wasting time, so I’m happy to know there is an Up side!

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