Month: February 2020

Stop and Smell the Flowers

On our blog for Valentine’s Day we suggested to “Stop and Smell the Roses.” Here’s an absolutely wonderful story and some photographs captured in June 2019. [Article published on DIYPhotography.Net. Original link below] PHOTOGRAPHER CAPTURES THE CUTEST SQUIRREL EMBRACING AND SMELLING A FLOWER February 12, 2020 by Ole Henrik Skjelstad You know that humans enjoy smelling flowers, its not a big surprise. A squirrel enjoying an intimate moment with a flower is way rarer....

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Can Roses Really Bring Happiness? Absolutely!

Valentines and Roses Because of the time of year, I know where many of your think I’m going with this message. But, trust me, this is not a blog promoting the florist industry (well not exactly)! The Soul of the Rose (1908) – John William Waterhouse We are all familiar with the phrase “stop and smell the roses.” It’s one of those time-tested phrases that I’m sure we’ve all heard and have probably even said a time or two. And yes, we all know it to be true, but do we believe in it enough...

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Is there really such a thing as Easy Street?

I always imagined that Easy Street was this place… where faucets never dripped, lawns never got weeds, the houses never required painting, all the neighbors got along and frequently had BBQ’s, and pets never defecated. Well, it just so happens that one time I did actually find myself on Easy Street. It was a hot and steamy July day in a small town in South Carolina. This was many, many years ago (15?20?) and I was inventorying trees* on the city’s rights of way. As a consulting Arborist/Forester,...

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