Month: March 2019

Have You Ever Wondered Whether You Were Coming or Going?

A phrase often used when life becomes very busy and very hectic. When we are in these times, it can seem as though we are running in circles. And yes, if you were literally running in a circle, it would be extremely difficult to determine if you were coming or going. I am well familiar with this phenomenon as I have experienced it repeatedly in my life. Particularly over the last several months, hence I have missed my blogs the last two weeks. I have in fact really missed writing them. I remember...

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Have you ever wished you would have “thought of that sooner?”

Recently I was giving a “lunch & learn” presentation at a nationally-recognized corporate headquarters: Think “duck,” quack, quack. The presentation was connected to Arbor Day, which this year – for me anyway – feels like it’s happening every weekend. (Back to the movie “Groundhog Day?”) There was a good attentive crowd in attendance. I am always thankful to enjoy an opportunity to speak in front of an audience and spread a positive and...

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