Month: April 2018

Meet Finn. He’s happy

  Finn doesn’t care if you know he’s a cow. He’s Happy. He’s just a happy go-lucky guy. He was rescued at 2 months old and now is part of the family. That’s because he’s living his life on his own path … and from the looks of it, has found happiness. How about you? Don’t be a Cow! (Unless, of course, you are one … but you can still go your own way!) “No matter what the world tells you what or who you are, you can make a difference....

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Keys to Happiness : Spring has Sprung!

Ah spring has sprung! At least for today, and I realize that many of you to our north have not yet fully evolved into spring; hold on, it’s surely coming. For this year’s spring, a simple reminder. In today’s society, when we refer to “long green,” we are referring to money and lots of it. This spring I hope you will stop chasing that green long enough to enjoy the beautiful green of springtime. Everywhere we look it’s green. It’s in the trees, it’s in the bushes and it’s on the ground. Wow! what...

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Roots of Leadership, Part 2

Before we continue our discussion on leadership, a quick synopsis of our beginning discussion. We made a tie into Valentine’s Day, yes, the ‘love’ holiday, but instead of looking at love with our significant other, we put it in the context of love of oneself. With all the books and publications today dedicated to leadership, why do so many seem to still struggle? We discussed the importance of achieving love of self before it is possible to lead others. Leadership must start with the leadership...

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