Month: January 2019

Quagmire – Getting Out While You Can

Although I’m not big on doing themes or a series with my blogs, my last few have all sort of tied in together.  First, “Resolution or Realization,” points out that the reality of life is that it “just happens.” It does not matter what our great master plan is, things often beyond our control, just happen. From there, I asked, “are you following the easiest path?” When life happens, because of our need to control, we often allow life’s “happenings” to get us off our own path and onto the wrong...

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Your Life Feeling a Little Ho Hum?

As a forester, navigating dirt roads this time of year can be quite the challenge. This is one of our rainiest times of year and coming off a wet 2018 has made matters even worse. When dirt roads get soggy, they get soft especially in lower lying areas. When they get soft, tires will leave impressions or ruts. The soggier and softer the road, and the bigger the tire, the deeper the rut.  Depending on the road (path) you’re on, avoiding ruts can be a real challenge. Often, life works in much the...

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Are you following the easiest path?

If the answer to this question is no, the obvious reply is, why not? Many people believe in the ole saying, “sometimes the right path isn’t the easiest one.” Maybe you fall into that category. If you do, let me expand on my previous question a little bit. If you believe you are on the right path, and that path is not easy, why in the world would you choose a path that is not easy? Unless you are some sort of masochist. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against work,...

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Resolution or Realization? Which is it for you?

Before I begin, let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We all know that this is the time of the year for resolutions. Some live by them and some want nothing to do with them … so I’m not going to say much about resolutions, other than they seem to be more pronounced this time of the year. Really a resolution is simply setting a new set of goals or setting a list of accomplishments … and that can be done at any time. Instead of resolutions, then, I want to spend this first...

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