Resolution or Realization? Which is it for you?

Before I begin, let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

We all know that this is the time of the year for resolutions. Some live by them and some want nothing to do with them … so I’m not going to say much about resolutions, other than they seem to be more pronounced this time of the year. Really a resolution is simply setting a new set of goals or setting a list of accomplishments … and that can be done at any time.

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans - John LennonInstead of resolutions, then, I want to spend this first blog of the year to maybe set a different tone for your new year.

After all, don’t we here enough about goal-setting and its importance throughout the year? I mean how can anyone expect to be successful if they don’t have a list of goals stuck in their pocket that they can whip out at a minutes’ notice. (I’m sure you noted the hint of sarcasm. 🙂 

Instead, I want to look at the realization that most of our lives just happens; that’s right, It. Just. Happens! Think back through your life. How much have you planned and how much has just happened?

  • Did you plan on getting the flu when you were on vacation?
  • Did you plan on getting laid off during the Christmas season?
  • Were you expecting that job offer that increased your earnings by 50%?
  • What about the close friend, family member or pet that left this life far too soon or discovered a debilitating condition?
  • Or, you discovered that you and your best friend could be more than friends?

Sigh. This list could go on forever.

It would be different for all of us, and everyone’s list would consist of things we all would consider good and things we would consider bad. The point is, that in spite of all our goal setting and lofty achievements, life just happens.

It happens to all of us.

It is not selective.

When you want to reflect on your own personal success, I propose that instead of looking at the list of goals you have achieved over time, look at how you have reacted, adjusted and refocused your attitude to life as it happens! I think you will find that those who can do this are those who have found success!

I will assure you, too, there has never been a cow that found this kind of success; Don’t Be A Cow and let’s all have a happy an successful 2019!

Soulful Quote:

Our lives are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, but I’d have to miss the dance” – Writer Tony Arata


Game Exercise/Life Changer:

Reflection of your life, how much did you actually plan and how much just happened? Learn to embrace it as it happens because it’s going to!

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