Why is Smiling so Important to Being Happy? I’ll give you 3 reasons

I’ve found it interesting, and yet so true, what smiling can do for your life. In fact, I have found it so amusing that when I stop and think about it long enough it actually makes me chuckle.

This mongoose is here because he’s funny.

I’ll never forget, many years ago, thumbing through books at a local copy shop while waiting (patiently, of course) for my

copies to be ready. I came across a book entitled Convince them in 90 seconds by Nicholas Boothman. As I was flipping through the pages I saw the word “Smile.” The book went on to explain the importance of smiling when trying to convincing someone of something, and to the need to do it in 90 seconds. I thought it a little odd, but only becThis M

it seemed so simple, so obvious. As I was returning to the office with my fresh copies, I really began to think about this whole smiling thing. Then I began to wonder, do I smile? I think I do.

Are you smiling? Enough?

From that day forward, I began to make a conscious effort to smile. I would like to think by now that it is a habit, but I find that I still have to remind myself from time to time. I have also tested smiling in a number of environments and can truly attest to the effectiveness in smiling. It effectiveness still, to this day, amazes me.

Here are 3 reasons I promised you.

Smiling face wearing cool sunglassesWhy I believe smiling is paramount in living the happiness lifestyle:

  • Reverse property – I think there is a technical mathematical expression for this, but basically it states that if something works one way then it will work in reverse as well. e.g. Happy=Smile; Smile=Happy. This works, even though it may not be instantaneously and … you have to want to and some days that can be a real challenge!
  • Confidence – Smiling makes you feel better about yourself and you are the foundation of you; therefore smiling will help you build self esteem and confidence.
  • Friendly – Smiling makes you more inviting, which means others are more likely to engage with you in conversation. Not always a great thing for introverts, however; but, it is for this very reason that also makes people more trusting of you and more likely to do business with you or hire you because being around a “frowny face” is a downer. IT OPENS DOORS!

Something as simple as smiling can be a life changer. Think about all the other things you’ve tried in life. Maybe  the only thing you really need to do is smile to live a happier Life.

Here’s a video I hope makes you smile.

We made when we first launched our book (and the first edition cover). “Learning to Smile” is also chapter two of “Don’t Be A Cow!”

Take Action: Smile today and everyday!

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