Are You Happy? Make it your Latest Fashion

Consider this: Fashion. Yes I said fashion – I mean, it is fall and fashion is society’s way of influencing our outer covering.

If we are not careful, society will also attempt to influence our inner being – our soul.

As this happens, we stop being who we are, and we become some version of what society wants, or thinks it wants, us to be. When we allow this to occur, lifelong happiness will always elude us. Sure, we will have our moments, but that is all we will have – moments as opposed to a lifelong stream of happiness.

Now I know what you may be thinking …

I’ve been there too: “I would never allow this to happen to me. I am who I am.” But, be careful. It is a slow and inconspicuous process. I like to call it “Cowism.”

So, what exactly is “cowism?” This is where we leave our path and blindly follow the lead/influence of others. Don’t be too alarmed, because to some extent, I think we are all guilty of it at times in our lives. We all have those times in our lives where we simply act on the recommendation or swaying of others, for instance. (“Practicing Cowism”). The key is to make sure that you always return to your own path. For this is where true happiness lies. In short …

Don’t Be A Cow! Be You, and Be Happy!

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Soulful Quote: Be still my soul, for society shall not weave your fabric as it weaves the covering of the flesh. George Barker

Song: “YMCA,” The Village People. Simply because of the costumes, and it is a “Happy” song.

Game Exercise/Life Changer – Ask, and then answer the following question: Who Am I?

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